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Hidden Jaipur offers you an up close, bird’s - eye view of the real Pink City. As an experienced local tour guide and business owner, Raju Meena works hard to help you experience the true meaning and the real essence of Jaipur, beyond the basic information and history available on the internet. He'll take you beyond the surface and encourage you to immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions as he unravels hidden stories of Indias heritage, both past and present.


For those who strive for something different to what mass tourism offers, Hidden Jaipur helps you explore places in-depth that reveal the stories and history unseen or unheard by most travellers.  We assure you won’t be disappointed by the myriad of diverse cultures, lifestyle, cuisine and traditions of The Pink City. 


Join us and enjoy exotic street foods or home-cooked delicacies, be a guest at a traditional Indian wedding, dance in the craze of the festivals, celebrate with the locals, or just dip your toes into every-day life for a short while. As we take you off the beaten-track you’ll discover what's only known to local villagers and we’ll give you the chance to peep into the untouched corners of our city.


Tel. +91-9782-80-7172 4393 Topkhane ka rasta,

Chandpol Gate, Jaipur- 302001

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